Spring Physio News

Pilates Classes & Review Assessments

We’ve noticed a huge influx in new patients looking to get their body moving better with our Clinical Pilates Classes. If this is something you’ve been considering in the winter months, now is the time to get in touch and get started.


15% off all Pilates initial assessments, privates & pilates reviews until
October 30!


Have you been carving things up in Pilates for a while and you’re unsure about your progress?

We’ve noticed that many of our Pilates patients haven’t been in for a review for a while but we’re pretty keen to keep you on track! We’d like to book you in for a review where we can talk about what is going well and where we can make some improvements.

Set Some New Goals

Have Your Mobility & Strength Reviewed

Get Some Private Technique Tips


Mobile Physiotherapy Service

Did you know we’ve started delivering in home Physiotherapy services to the local community?

We know that it can be hard to get to the clinic if you’ve got an acute injury & we’re keen to make things easier for you.


NDIS Patients

Did you know that our physiotherapists are registered as NDIS providers?

Simon Ventoruzzo - Physiotherapy

Simon Ventoruzzo is our resident expert in the management of neurological & mobility issues from a physiotherapy perspective. Simon’s unique experience in the inpatient rehabilitation setting, extensive education and sensitive nature provide him with a fantastic skill set that is well suited to NDIS patients.

Available Tuesday & Thursday afternoons, Simon is commonly seen around the Richmond area going to and from his NDIS appointments.

Private Patients

If you have an acute injury but don’t think you can make it to the clinic, we can come to you!

This service is particularly useful for foot, ankle, knee or hip issues that can great impact your mobility. We can pop over, make sure you haven’t done anything too serious and can prepare any referrals you may need if we’re unsure.

If you’re suffering acute lower back pain, we recommend visiting your GP first who is best suited to give you recommendations on managing your pain. We typically find acute backs are best suited to physiotherapy once your pain is under control, usually day 2 or 3.

Simply give Daniella a call on 1300 559 600 and we’ll do our best to get out to you as soon as possible.


Calling All Netballers!




Our physiotherapy team have been researching in to the incidence of unnecessary knee injuries in the young netball population. We’ve found that 38% of ACL injuries in women were sustained while playing netball! The risks of these injuries can be greatly reduced by reviewing the athletes strength, mobility and biomechanics during landing drills.

Now is the time to get in touch with our physio team to have your child assessed and reduce the risks of a debilitating knee injury!

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