Physiotherapy Services


Initial Assessment - $98.50
A longer appointment (45 minutes) that allows us to thoroughly discuss your issue, assess your movement & strength, and devise an appropriate plan for you. Our initial assessments are longer than most clinics to ensure we don’t miss anything & you leave with a clear understanding of your injury.

Follow-Up Appointment - $85
Our follow-up appointments (30 minutes) are for patients who’ve been assessed by our physiotherapy team recently. As the initial assessment has given us the opportunity to identify the cause of your complaint, we don’t need to do such a thorough assessment. Instead we can concentrate on providing the appropriate treatment & review your progress.

In-home Appointments - $135.50
We provide in-home physiotherapy visits for post-surgical patients or patients with mobility limitations. We’ve found that in-home visits tend to take a little longer which is why all of our in-home appointments are 40 minutes long. This will allow your Physio to work with you in your environment, tailoring a practical program that suits your needs.
Our Physio’s are registered with the NDIS and are able to attend home visits patients funded through the NDIS under the 15_048_0128_1_3 item number.

  • Initial & extended visit (60 minutes) - $179.26

  • Standard visit (40 minutes) - $135.50

Myotherapy & Massage Services


30 Minutes - $65
The ideal session to get your neck & shoulders loosened in your lunch break, get those legs flushed out that aren’t recovering from the runs, or have some dry-needling on that tight area.

45 Minutes - $82.50
If you have a tight and sore area that needs a little extra time, a 45 minute session with a member of our soft-tissue team can help get you back on track.

60 Minutes - $100
Our most popular session length, 60 minutes gives us the opportunity to work through several areas on your body. We don’t want to rush our sessions and we want to make sure you leave feeling great! 60 minutes is an ideal length to do so without taking up too much of your time.

90 Minutes - $147.50
If you’re feeling tight and sore all over or if you really need some down time… a 90 minute session will have you leaving the clinic like a new person. These longer sessions are often for patients who are overstressed and overworked!


Many of our patients like to maintain a regular appointment with our Myotherapists & Remedial Massage Therapists. To help with affordability & to thank our patients for their loyalty, we offer significantly discounted rates for sessions purchased in bulk. Valid for 12 months, pre-purchased sessions are a great investment in your health or a fantastic gift for a friend.

10 x 30 Minutes - $600
10 x 60 Minutes - $950
10 x 90 Minutes - $1350

Group Class Services

Clinical Pilates

Initial Assessment (45 Minutes) - $98.50
Our Group Class assessments are a comprehensive review of how you move, your strength, and your flexibility. We piece these findings together with your goals to devise an appropriate program tailored just for you. You will be introduced to the basic principles of Pilates, learn the foundation movements of both Pilates & gym based exercises, and be introduced to the equipment in our gym.

Private (30 Minutes) - $85
These short private classes are for patients who have attended their initial assessment and are working towards joining the group classes. You will work one on one with your physio to learn your Pilates program, refine how you do your exercises, and build your confidence. These sessions are also a great opportunity for patients to practice and progress new exercises outside of the group environment.

Private Extended (60 Minutes) - $115
The longer private sessions provide the opportunity to work through your exercises more slowly or progressing through a full class of exercises with your physio. Many patients also prefer the private class to the group classes due to the high level of attention we can provide. Please note that the Pilates studio is part of the common gym area in the clinic and there may be times where another therapist may be working with a patient.

Casual Group (50 Minutes) - $52.50 per class
5 x Group Class Pass (50 Minutes) - $48.50 per class
10 x Group Class Pass (50 Minutes) - $45 per class

Our group classes are restricted to a maximum of 4 patients who are working independently on their rehab (Pilates equipment) programs while being supervised by one of our great physio’s. They are always fun, challenging, and a great way to make some new friends. 99% of our patients purchase their sessions in advance, saving them money and time each week. Our bulk sessions are valid for 6 months which gives you plenty of time to make sure you make the most of them. Please note that your private health insurance will not allow you to claim a rebate for 10 sessions in advance. We will email you a claimable invoice following each class you attend which you can them claim back through your fund

Group Rehab Classes (30 Minutes) - $22.50
These small group classes are to help support you between physio or massage appointments. Under the guidance of a physiotherapist, you will have the opportunity to practice your existing exercise program we’ve prescribed and progress it safely. We believe this will give you the opportunity to maximise your rehab programs outcomes at a very affordable rate.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Do you know someone that hasn’t been looking after themselves or someone who needs a gentle nudge to get them heading in the right direction?

We sell gift cards for all of our services! Valid for 12 months, a gift card removes any barriers for people to not come in for a massage or not get started with Pilates!


Are You Insured With HCF?

Luke Anthony is registered with the HCF 'More For Muscles' program.  This means your initial physiotherapy assessment is 100% covered by your HCF extras cover.