About Remedial Massage

Myotherapy is an extension of Remedial Massage which role is in the treatment myofascial (muscle and it's surrounding tissues) pain and dysfunction.  Common symptoms from dysfunction in these tissues include;

  • deep & constant aching
  • muscle tightness
  • sore/tender spots in muscles
  • stiff joints
  • numbness
  • unexplained tiredness

What To Expect From Your Massage Appointment

Your therapist will ask many questions about your symptoms, medical history and general health.  A thorough assessment of the affected tissues and joints will be made.  If required, a referral to a Physiotherapist or GP may be made if your condition falls outside your practitioners scope of practice.

Depending on the diagnosis, a range of different techniques may be used, including;

  • massage, including sports and remedial techniques
  • gentle stretching of the tissues through their range of motion
  • trigger point therapy