Taking Payments Using HICAPS

HICAPS is our primary method of accepting payments. Owned by NAB, the HICAPS terminal can process insurance claims, Medicare claims & EFTPOS payments.

What Is HICAPS Go?

The newest way to process insurance claims, HICAPS Go allows a patient to get a quote for any of your services from their insurer, and make payment through the app.

To make payment through the app, the patient must have Medipass activated on their account. This activation cannot occur until the patient has downloaded HICAPS Go and activated their account.

As a fairly new service, HICAPS Go is not recognised by every insurance provider. To double check if your patient's insurer participates simply google 'HICAPS Go participating funds'.

We strongly recommend encouraging your patients to download the app as it greatly reduces our processing time following a treatment.


Taking Payments Using Square

square logo.png

When To Use Square?

We primarily have Square set up for taking payments for home visits or if our HICAPS goes down. If you're chasing up payment on a missed appointment or late cancel we'd prefer you to use the admin team. They are best suited to deal with the awkward situation of cancellation fees and will consolidate your patients account when the invoice is paid.



Square Hardware

The Square hardware is only relevant if you're taking payment in the clinic (HICAPS is down) or if you have a customer on the phone wanting to make payment.


The headphone jack does not need pairing with the device taking payment. It is compatible with both your smart phone or an iPad.

If your using the Tap & Pay reader it will need to be paired to your Square Point Of Sale app under settings. It is battery operated but may need charging using the USB if you're having trouble connecting.