Physio Group Classes (Pilates Equipment)

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What To Expect

Prior to commencing a Physio Group Class in our Pilates studio, an assessment of a patients strength, mobility and ability to control limbs through movement must be made. Your therapist may then set goals with you that align with what you would like to get from the exercise program. With this information, a program which is tailored for you can be developed. Depending on your level of experience, initial 1-on-1 sessions may be required to help introduce you to the equipment and coach you through your exercise program. Once a level of independence is achieved, patients often progress to small group classes (usually 4-on-1).  These classes help to provide a social environment while undertaking your personal program.  After approximately 10 weeks, a follow-up assessment is required to review your progress and refine your goals if required.

When attending a Physio Group Class in our Pilates studio, it is recommended that comfortable loose clothing be worn to enable free movement of your body.  Shoes are not worn when on the equipment, instead socks (often with grip on the bottom) are worn which helps with hygiene and protects the equipment.  Richmond Rehab does sell grip socks through the online store and in the clinic.  It is also recommended that you bring a small towel to help keep the equipment clean on warmer days or if you are prone to sweating.

Group Classes (Pilates Equipment) ChecklisT

  • Comfortable clothing

  • A small exercise towel

  • Clean socks or Grip socks

  • Water bottle

  • An eagerness to get moving!


When Do We Hold Group Classes (Pilates Equipment)

Most weeknights at 5pm, 6pm and 7pm

Tuesday mornings at 7:30am

Wednesdays 12pm

Fridays 8am

Saturdays 10am & 11pm

Our classes (and physio’s) are pretty busy but we endeavour to provide class times that suit you. Call us or email the team today and we can answer any further questions you might have and get you started ASAP!

Physio Group Classes (Rehab)

These classes are designed to bridge gap between physio appointments and keep you moving forward. Patients often lose motivation with their program between treatments, but we want to make sure you’re doing your exercises well and your body is improving as a result. A small 30 minute group class supervised by a physiotherapist, the rehab group gives you access to our gym and trained eye. Not only is it a great opportunity to seek advice on your exercises, it also give you access to our physio team who can help clarify any questions you may have.

What To Bring To The Rehab Class

  • Comfortable clothing

  • A towel

  • Your existing exercise program

  • Any specialised equipment you may need


What Is The Difference Between The Physio Group Class On The Pilates Equipment Vs The Rehab Group?

Our Physio Group Classes (Pilates Equipment) are designed for patients who aren’t experiencing an acute episode of pain. Instead these classes are ideal for patients whose symptoms are manageable and are able to work towards their goals. We encourrage all patients to transition to an independent exercise program (typically gym based) where appropriate.

Physio Gropu Classes (Rehab) are designed for patients who are currently experiencing an acute injury and being managed by one of our great therapists. These classes are kept to 30 minutes as our supervising physiotherapist will help you with your specific exercises for your injury. These groups are fantastic to help patients do their exercises well, stay motivated, and progress inbetween physio sessions.

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What Our Group Classes Aren’t

Richmond Rehab has a strong focus on practical evidence based treatment. Though we are advocates for exercise, we believe in providing clinically indicated exercise for our patients. Our classes aren’t for patients who don’t want to play an active role in their recovery, patients who are looking for a generic exercise program or patients who want to switch off.

What Our Group Classes Are

We pride ourselves on a great level of care and that our patients have a great time while in the clinic. Our therapists are a vibrant group and they love to hear about your day, have a laugh, and most importantly keep you working towards your goals.