Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome explained


What is Iliotibial Band Frition Syndrome?

ITB Friction Syndrome What is it? ITB Syndrome also known as Iliotibial friction syndrome accounts for most overuse injuries in runners. ITB syndrome is an overuse injury that is caused by repeated trauma to an area rather than any one specific injury. There is an unusual tightness commonly associated with ITB which may be the cause of most pain. Friction is usually present over the lateral femoral condyle due to the degree of flexion whilst running and cycling.

ITB syndrome causes Muscle imbalances and altered biomechanics can cause ITB syndrome to occur. Muscle fatigue, weakness and ground impact issues can also affect the severity.



Weak core muscles Weak hip rotators Warn out runners New runners Sudden change of exercise routine


The most common symptoms include: Sharp or burning pain to the outside of the knee Swelling over the outside of the knee Pain that worsens when running Pain when knee bending


Massage and DNT (dry needle therapy) has been shown to correct excessive ITB tightness and relieve pain. Specific myofacial release techniques combined with stretches and strengthening exercises can improve recovery time and help prevent this condition from reoccurring.


Mark Gelo


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