Ruptured Biceps Tendon

Expected Symptoms

Following a rupture of the biceps, it is common to experience pain over the front of the shoulder. Depending on the severity of the rupture, a lump in the mid-region is commonly seen.  The ability to flex the elbow and shoulder is usually intact due to the function of the unaffected muscle belly and the other supporting muscles.  If there tear is partial, there is likely to be pain without the presence of a lump.

Who Commonly Experiences Bicep Tendon Ruptures

Commonly occurring in middle-ages or older athletes, particularly if the individual has a history of multiple cortisone injections in the shoulder.  

How Is Diagnosis Made

Clinical signs are usually sufficient for your physiotherapist to clinical diagnosis.  Referral for MRI or Ultrasound is not usually required for diagnosis but may be made to investigate associated injuries such as a SLAP tear.  Referral for a surgical repair may be made, however many Bicep ruptures are managed with conservative treatments.

What To Expect During Rehab

Most sporting activities can be maintained however activities reliant on shoulder function may need to be modified.  The aim of rehab is to restore full range of motion, develop scapular control and progress to functional training.