What Is Enhanced Primary Care?

The Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Scheme is a government initiative which attracts a Medicare rebate for allied health services such as physiotherapy.

Who Can Access The EPC Scheme?

Anyone with a Medicare card can access the scheme through their General Practitioner.  A GP may make an EPC referral for assistance in the management of chronic and/or complex problems.

How Many Visits Are Covered?

Under the EPC scheme a maximum of 5 visits to an allied health provider are covered each year.  These visits may divided across a range of services such as; physiotherapy, podiatry, dietician, psychology, etc...

Is There A Gap To Be Paid By The Patient?

Your allied health provider is entitled to charge a gap on top of the $52.95 (2015) covered by Medicare.  Richmond Rehab doesn't charge a gap for EPC patients who are on a low income health care card, a pension or a student.  All other patients are subject to a $25.55 gap.

Who Decides If I Qualify?

Your GP is responsible for EPC referrals and is an excellent resource to gain further information about the scheme.  Remember that qualification is dependant on your needs for the management of chronic or complex problems.