Have you been injured at work?

The physiotherapists at Richmond Rehab are registered with WorkSafe to provide services to injured workers.

Do I need a referral from my doctor to see a physiotherapist under WorkSafe?

WorkSafe considers physiotherapy a primary contact service, and therefore a referral is not required to attend physio.

What do I need before seeing a physiotherapist under WorkSafe?

Prior to commencing physiotherapy under a WorkSafe claim, an injured worker must lodge a WorkSafe claim and provider their claim number to their physiotherapist prior to commencing treatment.  Your physio will then contact your agent to confirm the acceptance of liability for the treatment.  If these steps aren't followed, any costs associated with treatments may be billed directly to the injured worker.

Can I Get A Certificate Of Capacity?

If you require a Certificate of Capacity for time missed from work, your GP is able to provide an initial certificate.  As a primary healthcare provider, your physiotherapist can provide subsequent certificates as required.  Click here to read more.


Further Information About WorkSafe

The following link will take you to further information about the claims process on the WorkSafe website.