Ankle Taping For Sport

Ankle sprains are incredibly common in sports that involve running and quick changes of direction. Your ankle is kept supported by strong muscles & ligaments, but sometimes your demands can exceed you ability to support the area yourself. Through the use of rigid strapping tape, you risk factors for spraining the ankle can be reduced.

Who Is Jesse & Why Should I Listen To His Advice?

Jesse Dean is an experienced post-grad physiotherapist who has worked across all fields of physio, including in injury prevention in sports teams. Jesse’s background in exercise science gives him a unique perspective in the assessment and management of sports injuries. His particular interests are lower limb and shoulder injuries in Basketball, Football & Netball.

How Does Taping Work?

The theories behind how taping works are quite varied. Some hypothesise that the rigid nature of the tape will physically limit your ability to overstretch the outside (lateral) structures of the ankle. Others believe that in provides increased input to the nerves (proprioception) which improves your confidence & ability to control the foot dynamically. We think it is a combination however we know that the evidence demonstrates a reduction in ankle sprains in sport with taping.

Ankle Stirrups

Ankle 6’s

Ankle Heel Locks