Just How Strong Are You?

There are various ways for us to measure how you are going.  

We can schedule a Pilates review where you can cover any issues with your physio and they can assess how you're moving.  These sessions are great to complete any surveys that can help gauge your symptoms and how you are faring functionally.
You might report a reduction in your symptoms that brought you in the first place.
You might find some exercises easier that were quite difficult initially.

But what if you want to have a way of measuring exactly where you are at with your strength and flexibility?

If you've been coming for a while and your proficiency has got you to the point that you can safely perform your Pilates exercises with good technique... We've designed the Pilates Fitness Test.  Please note that this test is not used to assess your unique complaint, instead it is used as a general guide of your fitness using Pilates based exercises.

What Is Involved?

In general, we are interested in our patients posture, lower limb strength, upper limb strength, core strength & mobility.  Each of these areas are covered in the following exercises.

Lower Limb Strength

  • Scooter (No hands on 1 x blue spring)
  • Step Ups (Hands Off on 2 x white springs at the top & 1 black spring 3 from the top)

Upper Limb Strength

  • Kneeling Arms Facing The Side (5 x Travolta, Sword, Arm Raise & External Rotation on Blue Spring)
  • Bow & Arrow (Blue Spring with 5 second holds)

Core Strength

  • Plank (On the floor)
  • Hundreds (On the floor)


  • Sit & Reach