General Policies


Richmond Rehab provides access to its facilities and databases in good faith with subcontractors.  All clients, equipment, manuals, educational supplies and clinic/client information remain the property of Richmond Rehab without exception.  Collection, distribution and offsite storage of Richmond Rehab information or assets is strictly prohibited without prior approval from management.


  • It is expected that subcontractors arrive and are fully prepared 30mins prior to the commencement of their first appointment.  
  • Subcontractors are to be either wearing the Richmond Rehab polo, or be dressed in a neat and casual fashion.
  • Subcontractors are to strictly work within their scope of practice.  If the situation arises that a clients need falls outside your scope of practice, referral to an appropriate provider must be made immediately.  If unsure, consultation with a more senior staff member should be made.
  • Clinic rooms are to be kept neat and tidy at all times.  Consumables should be fully stocked, table appropriately prepared and any rubbish appropriately disposed of at the completion of each shift.  If treatment consumables such as needles or cremes are running low, please contact a manager who will arrange more stock.
  • If a subcontractor needs to block out some time in their calendar or block a day off, a manager must be notified asap to enable an appropriate cover for these times.  Excessive unavailability or time off may result in the review of a subcontractors hours.
  • Subcontractors are expected to make themselves available for in-house training and development sessions.  If a subcontractor is unavailable to attend a training, the subcontractor is expected to demonstrate that they have reviewed any missed materials.


  • Richmond Rehab is to provide a clean and safe working environment for its subcontractors.
  • Payment of subcontractors invoices is to be made within the week of invoicing.
  • Access to clean linen and equipment supplies for subcontractors use during treatments.