Trigger Points Explained

Trigger Points are a common source of muscular pains.  They can result in tenderness, decreased range of motion or contribute to stiffness.  When trigger points are active, they can have common site of pain referral which is illustrated in the picture below.  Your Myotherapist is highly trained in recognising these pain referrals and may choose to treat your active trigger points with a modality called 'Dry Needling'.  Commonly confused with Acupuncture, Dry Needling is based on a western scientific framework and is hypothesised to work through a process called 'Descending Inhibition'.

Dry Needling is a safe treatment, performed in a sterile environment with single use needles.  Your Myotherapist/Physiotherapist has undertaken extended training to ensure any needling procedures are performed appropriately in the safest manner possible.

Mark Gelo


This article has been written and prepared by Mark Gelo.  If you have any questions for Mark or would like to know any more about trigger points & dry needling please leave your comments below.