Workouts - May 2017

The May Gym Circuit

I get asked all the time about what I get up to in the gym.  My philosophy is to be as fit and able as my body will allow.  This means I do a combination of strength and cardio training.  Working out can get a little boring though, so when I do my circuits, I try to set myself a challenge.  I might want to see how many of a certain circuit I can do, but in this months circuit I'm aiming to complete as many circuits as I can within a 30min time limit.

The Workout

  • 100 Skips
  • 20 Pushups
  • 20 Squat Press with a medicine or dead ball (I'm using 12kg)
  • 16 Step-Ups with weight (I'm using 2 x 20kg kettle bells)
  • 1 minute plank

In this workout I chewed through aprox 809kj in 28mins, completing 5 circuits with an average heart rate of 128BPM.  When working out at higher intensities, it is always important to keep in mind that fatigue may start to impact your techniques.  Always exercise within your limits and make sure you've done an appropriate conditioning period prior to attempting this circuit.  


This workout is not appropriate for those with unstable heart or neurovascular conditions and those with significant knee, back or shoulder issues.  If you're unsure, consult your GP or Physiotherapist prior to starting any new exercise regime.  These videos are designed for educational purposes only.

Always try to maintain your neutral spine when appropriate, avoid deep knee flexion if you having troubles with your knees, maintain a good shoulder posture where possible and avoid the overheads if you're getting impingement, and most importantly stop if you feel any chest pain! 

If you're unsure about any of the movements or have questions about a current injury, we recommend making an appointment or seeing your local physiotherapist to ensure you can continue to enjoy your exercise without creating further issues.

Have you tried the workout?

I'd love to hear from you if you've given it a go.  How many sets did you get through?  What types of workouts do you like to do?